Sawbones: Alcohol


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin are getting absolutely, figuratively tanked as they explore the history of alcohol as medicine. To your health!

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


I hate to be that guy but...

I really love the show and I hate to be the "um, actually guy" but it's been debunked that medieval people drank beer instead of water. It actually makes sense when you think about it, since you literally can't live off of beer instead of water. There's an article on How Stuff Works, which is how I found out about it:

Anyway, I love the show and hearing all sorts of weird historical stuff.


Great show! I think you missed one legitimate use of alcohol in treating methanol poisoning - or was this a myth my biochem Proff left with me?
Remember what they say - "Ethyl will thrill you but, Methyl will kill you!"