Sawbones: Alcoholism


Planning on over-indulging this week as the holidays swallow you up like a sinkhole? Don't worry about it! Dry out after the new year as Dr. Sydnee and Justin walk you through all the horrible ways we've attempted to cure alcoholism.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Look Inside!

Hi, Justin and Sydnee: How about a show covering the many horrifying ways we've figured out what's going on inside people, from Galen to CAT scans? And how in heck did we decide what a spleen does?

Dr. Demento!

You might already have figured this out, but the "bottle in front of me/frontal lobotomy" bit was from "Existential Blues" by Tom T-bone Stankus. Great song, look it up. It's every bit as fun as you remember.

Algonquin round table, Dr. Demento and Medicine

Actually it's a quote from the poet and satirist Dorothy Parker. And I think the great Dr. Demento memory Justin is having is from the aptly named song I'd Rather Have A Bottle In Front Of Me by Randy Hanzlick, who was himself a real life medical doctor. Dr. Demento played some of his stuff.

Dr. Demento and medical history coming together. Fancy that!


mulled wine fast

i just wanted to let justin know that you can make mulled wine fast, i just pop a cup in the microwave in a mug and then when it's hot i put the mulling spices into a tea infuser ball and let it sit for 3-5 minutes and then BAM you have mulled wine. it might not be as intense as the longer brewed stuff, but it's still amazing and basically on demand. i love the show - keep up the great work and enjoy the holidays!!