Sawbones: Blood Transfusions


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin are selling all their plasma with their history of blood transfusions.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Blood categories

When I donated blood (I'm no longer eligible for medical reasons) my blood was put in a seperate category. I am CMV (cytomagolovirus) negative, a virus that is very common, but nonsymptomatic in most people. I was told that my blood would be used for babies, who had not yet been exposed. In an interesting note, my father is also CMV negative.
I got to 3 gallons before I had to stop, my dad at 13 gallons, so that's a lot of babies.

sheep blood

Sheep blood is most certainly red. Sheep Blood Agar (SBA) is used to test for haemolysis or simply as an enrichment for microbial growth in the lab. No sheep were harmed, by myself at least.

Show suggestion - Vibration Healing

Hi Justin and Sydnee! I'm reading about the health benefits of cat ownership. While it appears there were credible studies showing cat owners have less stress and heart disease, there are a lot of claims of the vibration frequency of a cat's purring heals broken bones, infection, dyspnea...kind of like a cure all.

Does vibration therapy have a long weird history? Have cats been used in any strange therapies?

Praise and a suggestion

I love the show, it helps shorten my two-hour commute, and helps me be a bona-fide smarty-pants paramedic. An area of medicine that was, until very recently, misguided that is near and dear to my heart is that of resuscitating the dead. I remember reading that in ye olde days, the recommendation was the application of the business end of a bellows to the rectum.

Thanks for the show, I appreciate the hard work, and congratulations on the baby!

Ads getting a little crazy.

Four minutes of ads in a single episode is unpleasant, and seems like a bad idea to me. Your audience has a fast forward button, so you run into diminishing returns with any ad that lasts more than a few seconds. I can't see how this makes sense for your audience or your sponsors.

Topic Suggestion

Enjoying your podcast immensely and recommending it to our faculty residents and students here in Baltimore!

Reading a book called "Stiff" wherein an intrepid reporter looks at different things that happen to people after they thrust off this mortal coil: crash test dummies, surgical practice victims, etc. Most recent chapter delves into the question of "When is someone dead" and looks at things that have been done to dead people to try to tell a) when they are and are not dead and b) how to tell where the soul is (including head transplants). I think that the question of when we think people are dead might fit in with your show and in any case t he book is a great read!

Keep up the good work and please don't drill a hole in your head!

Your obedient servant,

Dr. Thanatos
Baltimore, MD

Mental Illness

Hi Justin and Sydnee,

I am a listener from Australia. I love your show, it is the first podcast I have ever listened to... a friend of mine that loves MBMBAM told me about Sawbones.

I would love for you to do a show all about the various treatments for mental illness throughout history.

I also heard about The Knick through your show and loved the first season of that. Keep up the good work guys and keep the podcasts coming!

From Danika :)