Sawbones: Cats

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This week on Sawbones, it's Part Two of our series of putting pet-centric illness on BLAST. This week, live from Vancouver, we give kitties the business.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Sawbones Cats/Riley


Re-listened to the Teenage Girl Podcast by Riley/Justin. On the 2nd listen I remained proud of Riley for her almost perfect persistence in character as a confused Freaky Friday Justin. Comedy gold. Please do it again & deeper. Proud of you for not going as creepy as it might have easily progressed. Still, periods? High heels? Cheerleading? Midriffs?

Then I started listening to the Cats podcast with the introduction by Riley. Such poise in a 15 year old. What a world she has ahead of herself providing she leaves Henderson.

Run Riley! Run for your life.

Still Sydnee turned out OK.

I listen to The Adventure Zone, Sawbones, MBMB&Me, Bunker Buddies, Trends Like These.

I have dropped the last two. Sorry weakest brother. Predictably moved off topic.

On Bunker Buddies I thought you'd do a thing like Oh No Ross & Carrie as you'd promised in early episodes. Learn how to shoot arrows, perform CPR, sharpen knives, light fires by bow drill. Nope. Just TV shows. Try first aid?

Andie's early contributions on rice storage & such were right on. Will her Mom not join you? She sounds capable.

Nope. Just Improv folks. Which I applaud 25% of the time.

I was going to say "better than nothing", but I have chosen Nothing after several flip-flops. I mean, it's not the price or anything, just the waste of time versus "nothing in particular" for which there is plenty of competition.

Come to our area (San Francisco) for anything & I'll. Y'all should be proud of your family % conjoined silliness.