Sawbones: Cholera


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin are finally creating some recurring bits with the return of their hit character cholera.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Not a Stalker

I don't want to pry, but what's up, guys?

You are missed!

Of course no explanations are needed. The only purpose of this message is to let y'all know that plenty of people out here send you the best wishes we have and we eagerly look forward to the next episode.

Tomato Juice?!

I just have to say the idea of treating cholera with tomato juice made me wince (I may have even cringed). Talk about making things worse than they already are! "Here, drink this acidic liquid to cure your terrifying diarreah!" Nothing quite like adding insult to injury.

Yay! Cholera!

That's what I squealed from my cubicle this morning, forcing funny looks from a couple co-workers. Yeah, I ooze with excited glee when I get a new Sawbones, thus causing me to yelp strange things in excitement...what of it? I think of it as free advertisement for the podcast. People get curious when they hear the billing admin proclaim, "YAY! Cholera!!"