Sawbones: Christmas Is Trying to Kill You


This week on Sawbones, Live from Huntington, WV and Candlenights 2015: CHRISTMAS IS TRYING TO KILL YOU. Grandma. Egg nog. Trees. Mistletoe. The Grinch. RUN.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Cookies and Such

Quick comments on the cookie bit:

1) You guys, I now feel super creepy because I went around giving out Christmas cookies to strangers on the commuter train! I swear they were 100% rat poison free.

2) Anastasia was not a Disney movie, however Disney just bought the rights to it.

3) A great way to educate someone on Rasputin is with the disco song.

Love the show!

Horse chestnut

Just to let you know, horse chestnuts are encased in an even more spiky, hurty green case, so...

If you pick it up and it hurts - eat it
If you pick it up and it hurts a lot - don't eat it

Unless you have a really low pain threshold in which case best avoid them altogether