Sawbones: Epilepsy


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin are squeezing a beaver's scent glands as they bring you a history of epilepsy.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers



Enjoyed your epilepsy episode very much. Extremely entertaining - i will be passing this on. Thank you.

Mark Hawkins

valerian root

Im actually a psychiatrist but also interested in alternative medicine.they mentioned on the show that one of the Middle Ages herbal cures for epilepsy included valerian root. I found this quite interesting. And thinking about it valerian root could technically have some benefit for treating seizures but probably only if it was taken in massive doses. D is thought to work through GABA receptor agonism and this is likely the mechanism by which I can help with anxiety as well. So out of all the Middle Ages cures they may have been on to something with this. Still I imagine it would have been hard to get intramuscularly in an emergency.


Epilepsy and spirituality

Nice episode about the "spiritual disorder". But then again, I guess you do believe in actual spiritual stuff, so I don't really know how to feel about that.
Just imagine, people back then were pretty convinced about the spirituality of that affliction. Isn't it highly probable that all the stuff you still consider "spiritual" nowadays is just as much hogwash?
Food for scientific thought.
Nevertheless, I enjoy you show!


Love the show and really enjoyed your talk about epilepsy. My wife has/had epilepsy though she hasn't had a seizure in over 12 years now. I can see how people would think that certain "treatments" actually worked if the seizures went away.
Your discussion of seizures ended at tonic clonic. Luckily we never had to deal with that, my wife's experiences were mainly temporal lobe epilepsy and she would experience complex partial seizures.
Could you talk more about the different seizures in a future episode?

Also would love to hear you two hook up with Ross & Carrie, you seem to have a similar sense of humour.

Patron Saint of Gamers

How about St. Balthasar?


As someone who suffers from Epilepsy I'd like to thank you all for educating others of this horrible disorder.


This is actually really one of the reasons why beavers were extinct in central Europe for some time unil they were reintroduced some years back. Castor was said to have all kinds of medical abilities and of course you had to kill the beaver to get it.