Sawbones: Fainting and Corsets


This week on Sawbones, Justin and Dr. Sydnee stop making corsets and build two battleships as they explore the history of fainting.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


I love your should and would

I love your should and would LOVE more medical history with the feminist perspective. Thank you!

Fainting.... a horrible feeling when you know that it's coming on and can do nothing to stop it.

Last time I needed blood drawn for yearly tests the doc wanted to take 7 vials and I said absolutely NOT!!! We negotiated it to 3 vials but I still had a terrible reaction.

Sat in the blood draw chair for a few minutes and asked for soda or orange juice or something but it came too late. I went out completely.

I had warned the tech that I don't do well with blood draws and 3 vials put me over the edge. Told them that 7 vials would have killed me. LOL!

Love the show, BTW!

I like the show, but

chill out on the feminist perspective of medical history. Just keep it to medical history.


Shut up.

Chill out on your Gamergate talk bro

this show comes with a side serving of an educated opinion, and the educated opinion is that men and women are equal and its OK to acknowledge that it has not always been that way.

Come on buddy does knowing sexism was and currently is real make you feel responsible for your daily interactions with women an how they fit into that larger pattern?

Not a comment on any one person nor the above comment, (as I do not know the post writer) But sexist and racist individuals typically push for these subjects to be ignored or less talked about because even they can see they are on the wrong side of history.

you misunderstand

and are unfair. You must have decided that I am a sexist and/or racist based on a 2 sentence comment, and that the only possible way I would be turned off by comments on sexism inserted throughout the series is that I want to ignore reality.

You don't know anything about me. The world isn't so black and white.

Isn't it possible that I simply find those comments out of place and distracting in a comedy show about medical history?

smelling salts

Hi guys,

My son introduced me to your podcast. Love it! Just heard your fainting podcast, and wanted to share some information. In talking about smelling salts, you questioned if ammonia inhalants were still available. Indeed they are, at most drug stores, and at Amazon and other online venues. They are small glass ampules of ammonia, wrapped in fabric and a tougher outer cover. The ampule is crushed and the liquid soaks the fabric and the strong scent is released.

As a doctor with past experience in sports medicine, these are very common. However, there is some literature that discourages the use of these inhalants for a couple reasons:
1. jerking away from the ampule can lead to injury, especially in trauma victims
2. the response is non-specific, because a fainter, a heart attack victim and a stroke victim will all react similarly
3. fainting can be treated with less obnoxious methods (lower the head, lift the legs, etc.)

Also, BTW, moth balls are usually found in hardware stores.


Roger M

Re; fainting and corsets

BTW, it's not pronounced "hart shorn" it's pronounced "hart's horn" as in "the horn of a hart".