Sawbones: Gout


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin are changing the course of human history.

With gout.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Gout is awful and colchicene (can be) worse

I went to the ER with a swollen big toe. They prescribed colchicene, and told me to take it every two hours until I got sick and then stop for a day. I lost ten pounds, but not the gout. Eventually I developed DVT in my leg from the immobility.

The gout sucked even more because I did not say anything rich in purine nor did I drink very much. Nope my body just makes too much and has trouble getting rid of it. I got the gout when I was 33. So i basically defied most of the stereotypes of the disease.

So yes they still prescribe colchicene, but when I eventually got to the specialist he wondered why they were torturing me. Now I take probenecid which just removes the uric acid from your body.

Keeping Up Appearances

I have a job editing the closed captioning for a variety of movies and television series. Just yesterday, I received the 1994 Christmas episode of the British class comedy "Keeping Up Appearances." Mr. Bucket had been diagnosed with athlete's foot, but Mrs. Bucket ("Bouquet") insisted he tell their neighbours and family it was gout ("from an excess of good living"). It was a delightful coincidence to hear today's episode was on this very subject, and that Mrs. Bucket (despite her hijinks) wasn't totally wrong.

- Jessi