Sawbones: Headaches


Headaches: Widely regarded as the lowest pain way to get the sympathy due to the infirmed, they're also one of mankind's biggest targets for bad medicine and misguided folk cures. This week on Sawbones, join Dr. Sydnee and Justin as they attempt to get your head right.

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late to the party but...

A couple of these might actually work. The Spanish fly being an irritant could work in the same way that Head On, Tiger Balm, or capsaicin ointment do. Basically your nerves can't transmit more than one sensation at a time, so when you use these topically it stops you from feeling your headache (as a chronic migraine sufferer I have considered shaving my head in order to apply these things more effectively, it hasn't come to that yet but there is still time...). The spraying your feet with hot water is still something suggested for migraines, except it is now soaking your feet. The idea there is to get the blood to move to your feet from your head (to be fair it is very common to have cold feet and hands during a migraine, and some people swear it works for them, didn't work for me). Cauterizing your head might work, if you destroy the nerves that are responsible you won't get the headaches anymore; I have done this to a far lesser degree by using Botox and it works better than anything else ever has. In my worst moments I have considered drilling a hole in my head but I just don't want to have to clean up after that kind of mess, especially if it doesn't work.

Justin sounds like

Justin sounds so much like Duncan Trussell it sort of freaks me out!
You tell me:

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I spend my Sundays in a freezing cold office with nothing to do. Your podcast helps me pass the time. I need more. Don't leave me hangin'.

Merry Christmas Justin

Justin, you poor thing--try

Justin, you poor thing--try Children's Liquid Advil. Tastes gross, but works in about two minutes.


So glad you folks are back. I absolutely love the show. Thanks so much for taking the time to put out another episode.


Every Friday eh?