Sawbones: Heartburn


This week on Sawbones, Justin and Sydnee eat some coral in a misguided attempt to cure their heartburn (while upsetting as little of the ecosystem as possible).

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers



I used to suffer from heartburn . I started eating yogurt and my heartburn went away Yogurt is cheap! I suggested to my wife to try yogurt when she was pregnant and yogurt worked again. Try yogurt and you can thank me on your next podcast. Gary Froehlich


Like Justin, I suffered on almost a daily basis with heartburn for a very long time, several years. Saw my doc to Prilosec and other remedies which worked most of the time. Then following a physical and chest x-ray I got a call from my new doc. He told me he had noted a large mass in my thoracic cavity and needed me to come in for an MRI. I went in immediately and discovered that the "mass" was my stomach in the form of a hiatus hernia. We arranged for a surgical correction of the problem, done laparoscopically. After a period of recovery of few months, I completely cured and have not had heartburn in the last two and half years. No dietary restrictions were needed beyond the recovery period.

11:30pm Cereal Course

My husband also has a late night Cereal course and he too suffers from heartburn...funnily enough although his eating habits haven't changed we did move from one side of the Atlantic to the other and now he suffers from heartburn a lot more regularly (my snobby European way of saying it must be the "American" diet)...he's also gotten older though so I don't know which is more to blame.