Sawbones: Lyme Disease


This week on Sawbones, Justin and Sydnee are dodging ticks as we explore the surprisingly short history of Lyme Disease.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Chronic Lyme Disease

More information on chronic lyme disease:

Lyme Disease

Hey Sydnee and Justin! I absolutely LOVE your podcast, however, I was quite disappointed with the Lyme Disease episode. There was a HUGE lack of truth via this episode and I don't think it was represented fairly. For one, the CDC and ISDA are not where you should be gathering information for this disease, they have misrepresented the truth behind this disease for decades. (the international Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) is the correct place to gather and present correct information about this confusing and complex disease. Please do some more research on this topic for your own knowledge. I have late stage Lyme disease and have been very ill for over 4 years and this topic means everything to me! Please go to or to learn more. Thanks! I still love you guys!