Sawbones: Magnets


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin make a suit of 700 magnets and invent a hit new slogan for the people of Oklahoma.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Ahhh, memories.

I love your show. I've enjoyed every one I've listened to, although eating lunch while listening to the medical cannibalism episode last week wasn't the best decision I've made. This episode brought back some great memories. My father was into any number of misguided medical treatments. He convinced my mother to try magnet therapy in the late 80s for back pain. I'm not sure how strong the magnets were, but they were a couple inches across at least and taped right to her back. We went grocery shopping after the magnets were put on and repeatedly had to pry Mom off the metal shelves and away from the shopping cart. She would turn around, reach for something, and CLANG!! be stuck again. She kept them on at home for a couple days, but gave up in disgust after getting stuck to the refrigerator a time or two. It may have done nothing for her back but it gave us all, Mom included, a lot of laughs! Thanks for putting together such a fun (and frequently horrifying) podcast.


Chiropractic Works?

Sydney, you mentioned DD Palmer in this podcast as a magnet healer. You stated that he moved on from fake magnet medicine to "something that works", chiropractic. Was this a joke, or do you really believe chiropractic is a legitimate medical field? The only actual scientific studies available shows chiropractic might have some impact on lower back pain. But that is it and the results of chiropractic are no different than what you can get through PT.

While I concede there are a some Chiropractors who are responsible, even if the foundation is based in little to no science, there are far too many charlatans. At the very least Chiropractors are guilty of fraud and unnecessarily treating patients through the practice of "maintenance care", and exposing patients to excess radiation through over x-raying. This doesn't even include the potential dangers of cervical adjustment which have lead to stokes by cutting off blood flow to the brain via the cervical artery.

At the worse they give patents and parents false hope and false, dangerous information. Many Chiropractors advise against vaccination and water fluoridation. Some even advocate that proper spinal alignment can treat cancer, heart disease and lower blood pressure. All of this is based on a belief that disease is caused by the subluxations, that interrupts energy flow through the body's nerves. How this theory works on treating a viral or bacterial infection is beyond me. People are being hurt daily because this scientifically verified hogwash is tolerated.

Afflictions also claimed treatable through chiropractic care - ADHD/learning disabilities, asthma, autism, bedwetting, breech corrections during pregnancy, carpal tunnel syndrome, colic, depression, dizziness, ear infection, earache, emotional issues, headache, infertility, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, menstrual cramps, migraines, neck pain, vision conditions

To me, that sounds like a cure-all.

I understand your podcast focuses mainly on the past is not meant to be controversial or degrade individuals who may practice alternative medical practices. However, when someone says 2+2=5, they need to be told they are wrong. And when people pedal in pseudoscience they need to be corrected and not supported. My wife and I have a sixth month old and I am terrified of him coming in contact with a child of parents who took the advice of a chiropractor not to get vaccinated. You are a medical doctor and your words hold more weight than most. I really love your podcast and I really hope you don't believe in Chiropractic.


Love this podcast! good

Love this podcast! good humor, good science. I'm a nurse, which makes it even better!!