Sawbones: Measles


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin are getting really angry about measles. Come get mad with us.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


just before I unsubscribe

A little clarification there, was that Justin being adamantly and uncompromisingly against gay marriage?

Any clarification there?


He is pro gay marriage.

No, you didn't. He is pro-gay marriage. He is adamantly uncompromising about the issue.

Did I understand Justin

Did I understand Justin correctly that he doesn't believe in gay marriage? I would really like to be wrong about that. Really thought that Justin was a bit more progressive than that. And as a parent that has 2 children that have had allergic reactions to vaccines I have to say they are not for everyone. My second child could have died from his reaction to the flu shot. I understand that vaccines are tested for their effectiveness in making the antibodies against the disease you are trying to protect them against however they are not tested further than that. Not going to vaccinate myself and will not vaccinate my kids ever!

Clean out your ears

Apparently you didn't listen to the episode.


I think you did not understand Justin correctly. I've heard Justin be very pro-gay/human rights several times on his other show. I think the point he was trying to make was that he can't compromise on being (pro) vaccinations and (pro) gay marriage.

Also the "herd immunity" argument for vaccines is to protect people like your children who cannot get vaccinated for health reasons, so it sounds like you should be EXTRA pro-vaccines (for everyone who can get them) to protect your kids and others like them!

Spidey link

Spider-Measles, Spider-Measles!

Hi Syd and Justin —

I really enjoyed your "extra-strident" Measles episode, even more than your usual entertaining and informative efforts. I thought you'd like to know that you're not alone in the fight against measles, in fact you're in very good company when even your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is on your side!

Here's something I just saw today on my favorite comics blog. (Back story) There used to be a Sesame Street-like show called The Electric Company, that featured educational adventure shorts (perhaps a new product for featuring Spider-Man, and Marvel published a comic based on that version of him called "Spidey Super-Stories." So, in this story Spidey battles Mr. Measles!

Just thought you'd enjoy that.

-Rev. Phicus


Hey guys,
I loved the show, and I agree that parents should get their kids vaccinated. Though you might enjoy (or really, really hate) this:

Melanie's Marvelous Measles

Thanks for a great podcast, and keep up the great work!


thank you!!!!!

I really appreciate that you did this topic. I was just discussing this with my husband. We also have a small child just a little older than Charlie. It makes me so angry that people don't vaccinate their kids. I always think..."Come on its not just about you and your weirdo believes. you're endangering my small child." Also you can be as preachy as you want.!! So thank you again.

measles vaccine

Just remember this-it is the Whole Foods crowd that is likely to be anti-vaccine.