Sawbones: Medical Marijuana


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin take a moment to explore the actual scientific uses of marijuana (outside of keeping Trey Anastasio supplied with fresh guitar strings and hack comedy writers supplied with lazy pot punchlines about Phish, of course).

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Schizophrenia and Marijuana

I am catching up on some previous podcast and while listening to this one was wondering about the link that has been made between Marijuana and Schizophrenia. Is it the case that someone who smoke weeb might have developed Schizophrenia anyway but that the effects brought it forward, or that the young smokers brain was corrupted by the drug?

Haaaaaail AWANA on the march for youth

Haaaaaail AWANA holding for the truth, building lives on the word of God, la la la laaaaa... that's about where I forget the rest of the song. I used to go to AWANA with my friend in middle school, where we memorized Bible verses for points which could be redeemed for bouncy balls, stickers, small stuffed animals...

Pliny the Elder

Hi Justin and Sydnee,
Thank you so much for your podcast. I've been listening from the beginning, and have enjoyed them all. I've just listened to your podcast on Medical Majurana, but these thoughts relate to a few podcasts.
Firstly, Pliny the Elder. As a student of Classical Latin, I know he wrote on lots if topics, but I've always wondered just how seriously you can take a supposedly learned man that, upon seeing mount Vesuvius erupt sailed to Herculaneum, supposedly to rescue friends but then decided to have a nap, nearly got buried alive and then died due to toxic fumes because he waited too long to leave. Ummm.... Oops?
Secondly, your podcast on left-handed ness mentioned sword fighting or warfare I think. One reason left handed warriors were at a disadvantage if they fought with their left hand is because the fighting stance places their heart closer to their opponent, making it more hazardous. I know it's fiction, but Diana Gabaldon explains this really wonderfully in her novel 'Cross Stitch', or 'Outlander' in the US.
I know that there was something else I meant to say, but I can't remember at the moment.
Thanks again for the podcasts.
Seona Elizabeth Coster
Melbourne, Australia.