Sawbones: Medical TV (Part 1)


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee hands the reins to Justin as they explore the history of medical TV, and explain why most of TV doesn't actually exist.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers



Who knew that Filo was a soap star?! (Of course you love UHF. Who doesn't?)


Oh, I am so happy that M*A*S*H is Sydnee's favorite! It was mine, too, as I grew up in the 70's watching it every week with my surgeon Dad. There is a way that it defined a generation's politics and attitudes, most specifically in the evolution of the character of Hot Lips Houlihan, as well as dealing more blatantly with the costs of war and indifference. You may need to have a certain nostalgic affection to watch it these days: my husband and I tried to share it with our daughter and the sexism and cruel jokiness did not age well, but it still holds a special place in my childhood TV history.

Emergency! Emergency!

Thank you for giving paramedics a big shout out in your last show! Emergency! was a great show. Along with the movie, "Mother, Jugs and Speed," Emergency! influenced many people to enter the EMS profession back in the 70s. Many of those people ended up being my bosses at the start of my career. Their stories about early EMS were amazing.

I hope you guys do an episode on the history of pre-hospital emergency care. I have worked in EMS in San Francisco for the last 14 years and I laugh at some of the protocols we have had the tools that that have been used in this field. Also, as Justin mentioned in the show, he and many others are unaware of how recently the field of paramedics started, and what existed before it. I have some great contacts if you need any!

If you are coming to SF and want a ride along on the ambulance I may be able to set that up too!

A couple shows you may want to mention on your next medical TV show:
The MASH-like "China Beach" which was set in Vietnam and started Dana Delaney (1988-1991)
Two EMS shows: "Trauma" set in San Francisco but just god awful!(2009-2010) and current show "Sirens" which is produced by Denis Leary and it is very funny.

Thanks for the podcast!

Mike C.

Scrubs that look like the ones in Scrubs

First of all-I love your show. I listen to it while working, which in this episode's case is actually relevant. I'm a Costume Technician, which means I make patterns and make costumes for characters on stage and screen. If you like you can see my work on my website

Now being in the arts I don't make enough to make a monetary donation to show my appreciation for your show, but if you really want scrubs that look like they do in Scrubs- that I can do if you like. To be fair, though pretty much any local seamstress shop could also do just as well without shipping.

Missed shows!

Loved the episode, but you missed a couple of MAJOR shows - "Medical Center" with Chad Everett as Dr. Joe Gannon, and of course "Quincy".

Missed shows!

Loved the episode, but you missed a couple of MAJOR shows - "Medical Center" with Chad Everett as Dr. Joe Gannon, and of course "Quincy".

E slash R

One more person who was on the cast of the early '80s e/r, was none other than Jason Alexander. That's right! Shortly before he committed to the role of George Costanza, Jason was another actor trying to put humor into the world of ER medicine.

Kevin Jackson
- Fremont, OH

Everything is a Dream!

St. Elsewhere has an even bigger impact. Det. Munch also has a crossover with Arrested Development in the episode "S.O.B.s" In Arrested Development John Beard, the news anchor for the local news in the area was the real news anchor for the area and time that Arrested Development was set. So Arrested Development crosses over with real life! So reality is a cross over with St. Elsewhere and thus real life is a dream of an autistic child!

Great show! I wish you had

Great show! I wish you had talked about House, I would have loved to hear Sydnee's take on Dr. House and the wacky diagnosis methods on that show. :)

It's never Lupus.

It's never Lupus.