Sawbones: Medical TV (Part 2)


This week on Sawbones, Justin and Sydnee finish their scattershot history of medical TV. An episode that even the most squeamish listener won't be yucked out by!

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


An idea

Hey Sydnee and Justin! Thanks for the great show. I was doing some wiki walking and came across something called "black henna" or PPD, a chemical skin and hair dye that is used like traditional henna but contains some legitimately scary chemicals that can induce allergies after a single exposure. I don't think there's enough for a whole show, but I was thinking that maybe one on the horrible consequences of fashion? Like using arsenic for dyeing clothes and just like everything with hoop skirts.
In any case, keep up the great work! Thanks so much for feeding my macabre side.
Xoxo Kristjar

3rd watch

Thanks for yet another informative & amusing show! Sydnee, I imagine the wee hours might be more busy in the ER, but I know that the police are busiest (in general) in the 3-11 shift. The business bleeds over to the other side of midnight, but tends to slow down as folks go home and go to bed if they do not wind up in the hospital. (This bit of wisdom was shared by my husband who has worked for the police department for over 20 years)

In reference to the "odd couple" doctor show (sorry I didn't catch the name over the many "kid" noises that fill my house): I gotta say I agree with Justin that the show would have been more interesting if the politics of the main characters were reversed. The way they had it was an indulgence in an over-used stereotype. I don't think there would be a problem with believability as there is plenty of data showing that conservatives are statistically much more likely to give of their own resources to charitable causes, whereas liberals are more comfortable with the government managing the funds that help the needy.

Keep up the excellent work! Your show is my favorite podcast. I look forward to it every week.