Sawbones: Nursing


This week on Sawbones, Sydnee and Justin finally stick it to Joy Behar (just a couple months too late to be relevant) with their brief history of nursing.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Show notes

I'd love it (though wouldn't want to create more work for you guys) if you posted the show notes you refer to throughout each episode. It would be great to be able to follow-up on certain points mentioned, etc.

Like, it was pretty easy to Google the comments by Florence Nightingale and J.B. Russell on the ill-repute of nurses in the past, but Google isn't helping me find more info on Sydnee's really interesting comment about women of ill-repute being sentenced to nursing duties as a punishment. And I'd love to read more about that.

EMTs please?

Great show on nursing, but can you do as awesome a follow up on EMTs? If you look at the birth of the ambulance during the Napoleonic wars (l'hospital ambulant), to the LA County paramedics in the '70s (as memorialized in the public consciousness by Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto of TV's "Emergency!") to the Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center, to today, EMS has a long and rich history, despite being one of the youngest medical disciplines. I'm sure you and Justin will do a great job.