Sawbones: Patent Medicines


Wow, this Kickapoo Joy Juice is REFRESHING. Oh, sorry listener, didn't see you there. Ever wondered how, exactly, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root and Randy's Dan's Pick-Me-Up Poultice help you to shake that rundown feeling? Did you guess cocaine? Something worse? No matter what you suspect, you're probably right. This week, Dr. Sydnee and Justin explore the history of patent medicines and let you know which ones are still on the market.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


2nd note by Sheela Alex re: patent medicines

I just sent a note to you a while ago, then realized that I put my own name and not an alias!
Oops! That was not cool! Will you give me an alias, please? It can be Sheerah Ji, in Encinitas, CA. or if you don't like Alias's, just delete it? Thanks!! P.S.

All your shows, especially the one on Patent medicines

Hey Guys, I've been listening to your podcasts for a few months, and this one is my favorite. Why?.. (you might ask).. Because my boyfriend is a total innocent about people who make claims about their - usually very expensive and cure-all type - products! Strangely, or predictably, he knows lots of people who come up with the latest and greatest of these tonics, potions, etc... I LOVE your take on it all!
You guys also provide a bit of insight on how to do improv… or how to get along with each other and see where things go… whatever you might call what you do in your verbal interplay. It's cool. I'm learning.
Thanks a lot for the show. And yes, I'm telling my friends! :) Cheers, Sheela Alex

On the "weight loss" tonic

An easier trick that they use to fake the quick weight loss remedy: Take the "After" picture first!

Take a buff person and have them fast/diet for a week to get their body fat percentage super low, and water weight down, perhaps a spray tan, then a tough workout to get the muscles warmed up. These are the same tactics that show muscle builders use to gear up for their big competitions. This will be the "after" picture.

Then comes the fun part! Eat a ton of foods high in sodium for a day, some lactose containing treats, sodas; anything to increase water weight and bloating. Hang out and skip the workout for a day, and skip the tan as well. Puff out your tummy, and BAM! out of shape "before" picture.

Sawbones Addiction

Hello McElroys!
I just had to tell you how much I love Sawbones. I am a recent addict...ahem...listener, and I had a binge session listening to all your podcasts up to date while running, washing dishes, and making my boyfriend and I dinner (that was while listening to the 'Hysteria' episode, which is funny in itself).
Thank you so much for providing an entertaining and informative med-history-lite for those of us with a gruesome interest in humanity's attitude to disease, health and medicine.
Keep podcasting!
Amy (Brisbane, Australia)

I look forward to Fridays more than ever!

You guys are great! Love the show and wondered if you could help a Teaching Assistant out....

I am a grad student and since my dissertation is all about endocrine function in a particular marine mammal - I got chosen to be a Teaching Assistant for an undergrad endocrinology course. All physiology stuff I find pretty cool but that the aspiring doctors and veterinarians are finding pretty difficult and not so much fun.

Anyway - it's mid-term time and I have a whole class of wailing students. I was hoping that you guys could help a TA out and give these guys a different perspective on endocrinology by digging through it's twisted past? Something to lighten the mood a bit as they practice steroid structures?

I would be EVER so grateful! Keep up the awesome job. You are really a breath of fresh air on Fridays.

Livin on Ramen noodles and peanut butter~