Sawbones: Plague Medicine


Looking to get back at the guy who stole your parking space? Why not launch a plague-ridden body into his home with a catapult? This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin will tell you how to do just that as they explore the real history of plague medicine and the made-up history of the Rat King.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


This episode calls for a singalong.

Love the show, guys! Have an earworm... Seanan McGuire's "Black Death" song, which makes the case that Bubonic Plague and the Black Death were not the same thing.!/search/song?q=Seanan%20McGuire%20The%20Black%20Death


I laughed so hard :)

I've been randomly listening to your podcasts since I heard you guys on the Dan Savage podcast. I've had a good time listening to all of them but this one takes the cake so far. You're fascinating and engaging and so funny I was laughing out loud on the train so much people probably thought my uterus was all roaming around in my body. Love your work!
Erin - Melbourne, Australia

Sawbones - Plague


Listening to your show as I code medical charts from the ER. Perfect compliment to my work! Love your show and you both are super cute together. Not sure what direction your show is heading but my husband and I were discussing your show tonight and decided you should do a show on folk remedies, weird things that people do that actually work and why they might work. This came up because our daughter has been coughing every night for 3 nights and tonight we remembered that we had done Vicks Vapo Rub on the feet a few years ago and it worked so we tried it again tonight. She is sleeping peacefully finally! No idea why it works and my skeptical husband is discounting every theory I come up with (as a medical coder, I know just enough to be dangerous) but even he can't argue that she is not coughing tonight. Anyway, love your show. Thanks for doing it.


Greetings from England, I arrived at Sawbones via GWJ, it's super; a perfect blend of interesting/ hilarious! Keep up the good work!