Sawbones: The Poison Squad


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin highlight some of medicine's most incredible superheroes. Their power? Eating trash and not dying.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


More myths

Speaking of myths, the idea that the Jungle was an expose of the meat packing industry is as believable as Star Wars is a documentary. The book was supposed to encourage the proletariat to revolt against the capitalists and break free of their white slavery. Government meat inspections had been occurring before publication of the book. The meat packing industry was fully behind the regulations that were passed through Congress because they transferred the cost of the meat inspection from the company owners to the taxpayers. In fact, Upton Sinclair opposed the changes passed by Congress.

As far as your discussion of industries that get out ahead of regulation, I'm just going to pick one at random... Podcasting. I mean these podcasters can just say anything, transmit it to everyone, across state lines... children can download them! There is absolutely no regulation of what they are saying, no assurance that any of it is true!

Spices and rotten meat

I was surprised to hear you repeat the myth that spices such as nutmeg were used to mask the taste of rotten meat in times past. For much of history spices were really rare and incredibly expensive and would never have been wasted like that. I'd be like us using caviar to improve a McDonalds.