Sawbones: Scarlet Fever


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin discuss one reason the world is a little less scary for today's parents: The history of scarlet fever.

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furious about homeopathy

I had exactly the same experience with homeopathy on the shelf next to real medicine about a year ago and was equally livid. I was looking for something to deal with what looked like an allergic response in my 2 year old and found homeopathy right next to the real stuff on the shelf. I had to think about those less versed in nonsense reaching for this (and paying double the price for it). Since then, I've engaged in (and encourage others to do the same) something I call shopshifting. I grab a basket and fill it with all the homeopathic remedies that have been improperly curated in the "real medicine" section, and move them to where they belong; either next to the ear candles and cleanses or whatever crap they're flogging, or next to the garbage bags (where they should be). This is after having spoken with the pharmacists there about it (who used the hollow "buyer beware" argument; I mean- what are they there for anyway?) , and contacting the pharmacy directly, several times, and getting no response. I'm hoping to organise a protest like this one next October 23rd to shame the pharmacy into action.

Scarlet fever

Really enjoyed this one. I'm fascinated by the history of diseases that have ceased to be the scourges they once were (although some may make a comeback). Along those lines, I'd like to hear you discuss diptheria sometime -- the details are sure to freak Justin out, and I think it's useful for the general public to know why we're still vaccinating for it.

Brett K.


Justin, PLEASE don't hold back when it comes to Homeopathy, it's the worst kind of anti-science crap. Well, it's neck and neck with Chiropractic. (ha)


Amen. My daughter is 13. When she was younger and sick that crap was tempting. I resisted, but it should really be in with the vitamins. It is hard enough for new parents without all the bad information.