Sawbones: Scurvy


This week on Sawbones, we put the lime in the coconut and the severity of our scurvy is not diminished in the slightest.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Maladies that begin with S

I suspect that Justin was mixing up scoliosis with scurvy when he talks about people being hunched over

You could get scurvy in

You could get scurvy in Amazon Trail, an Oregon Trail spinoff. Rather than getting dysentery, you would get scurvy.

Presenters - no 2

Further to my last comment (which of course you won't allow), I just want to say that I've just played the Scurvy podcast to my neighbour who popped round. I offered no opinion of my own and just asked him to listen and let me know what he thought. His comment was "Could be a good show, but what a cock!!!! The presenter guy must be putting up the money for the podcast or there's no way he'd be in it. He totally ruins it!"
Just thought I'd pass this on as this could be a really excellent podcast. Such a shame. Even my daughter, who's a medical student, had to leave halfway through, and she'll listen to ANYTHING medical.


Found a link to this podcast and signed up as we're all really interested in medical matters. Just listened to our first one - Scurvy. The female presenter is really excellent, but who's the prat?? He is totally unnecessary and his constant (really REALLY unfunny interruptions) are SO annoying! Seriously ditch him!

Scurvy and Captain Cook, Royal Navy

In 1769 Capt Cook, RN sailed his ship the Endeavour from England to (now) the East coast of Australia. He was tasked to observe the transit of Venus from Tahiti and when he was there he made sure to collect as much breadfruit as possible to stave off scurvy. He must have been aware of the earlier RN experiment because he was a very successful captain not loosing crew to scurvy on his many voyages, including voyages to find the North West passage.

I looked up Wikipedia (probably like Capt Cook) and breadfruit is very high in Vitamin C. Good researching Capt Cook.

Canberra Australia.

Orance what?

Love your show. I've listened to the whole back catalog and you do really good stuff.

But, what is this orange drink Justin kept mentioning in this episode? Orange penta...something. Sounds pretty good.

thanks. Keep being awesome.

G & T

Justin's response of gin and tonic would have been appropriate had the topic been Malaria. Gin was added to the tonic water to make the quinine more palatable if I remember correctly.