Sawbones: The Teen Girl


This week on Sawbones, Justin is transported into the body of a Sydnee's teenage sister Rileigh and has a lot of awkward questions.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


Loved this episode! It was

Loved this episode! It was especially timely as I have a pre-teen daughter who absolutely does not want to discuss these things with me; but listening to this episode in the car together sparked lots of laughter followed by interesting discussions. Thanks for the laughs and the opening for some great mother-daughter bonding.

nice job.

nice banter and poise. really - only 14??

Rileigh nails it!!

This episode was so enjoyable I actually listened to it twice. No diss on Justin but Rileigh nailed this! I don't know if she naturally behaves somewhat like Justin or if she just did a great job channeling him but I was giggling the whole way thru. We love you Justin but Rileigh as Justin was a treat! Bring her on again!!


Justin was just in Riley's ear right?! like two cell phones where Sid talks in one, and Riley has the other to her ear? What a great idea. If I'm wrong and thats just Riley, I would ditch Justin. He's just too much of a liability.

Rileigh did a fantastic

Rileigh did a fantastic episode working with you. The show was a lot of fun, adorable, and I hope you do a follow up with her in the future.

She really did remind me of the Mr. multiple times throughout the episode.

Great show!

Re: Above the Knee leg hair

I think that old rule of not shaving above the knee is just because, at least on my legs, the hair below the knee is way darker and thicker than the hair above the knee. It's just a waste of time to shave hairs that aren't really visible from a distance. Everybody's body is different though!

Oh, and great show!

Above the knee hair

This comment reminded me of my father (yes, father.) I grew up in the 70's and I distinctly remember my dad telling my sister and me that we couldn't shave above the knee because, "only prostitutes did that." Not sure how he knew, but I think that's where it came from. Shaving above the knee meant you were wearing something that went higher than that and there could be connotations drawn regarding your virtue. Still shaved above my knees, though.


Aw man Sid yo little sis learned the way of the funny. as we all know Justin is the master of "Playing Dumb" feigning ignorance so great it grows comedy.

I believe he has passed the power on (Highlander like) to your sister.

What I'm saying here is Rileigh may have chopped off Justin's head with a Samurai sword and absorbed his life force via Lightning..... Just so your aware of all possibilities.


Awesome episode! Very funny!

Awesome Show!!!

I love your show anyways but this is up there with one of my favorite episodes. Rileigh is clearly very smart and the sister dynamic was wonderful. Please bring her back again at some point and all 4 of you (Sydnee, Justin, Chuck, & Rileigh) stay awesome!!

I'm pretty sure that's

I'm pretty sure that's exactly how Justin would act if he were in a teen girl body. Rileigh did an amazing job. Made me laugh a lot.

How in the world

Is this 14 year old girl such a comedy genius. Amazing, I laughed nearly the entire time. What an amazing episode.

More about lingerie...

I liked Jileigh very much and hope Rustin didn't end up doing anything they would regret later on....
I am also very disappointed about the hair stuff, though I have been having doubts for a while now... was hoping I'm just naturally youthful and it would take longer in my case....

Anyway, the explanation about that lady putting handkerchiefs together to make a bra reminded me of seeing this in the news:

Really enjoy the show!

Rileigh-spelled-Rileigh rocks!

Nice job, Rileigh! Fantastic episode of Sawbones. I'll play it for my 15-year old teen girl, fersure.
This girl is sharp and funny. Watch out, Justin...

Great episode!

Loved this episode! Rileigh has Justin down pat - she must hang out around him a lot, haha

My mother also taught me not to shave above the knee, which (when I got older) I found out no one ELSE'S mom told them that! I asked her about it recently and she gave me this blank look and said "people get hair above the knee?" Lucky her, huh.

What a smart sister you have!

I thoroughly enjoyed Rileigh/Justin in this episode. What a whip-smart young lady! She sounds a lot like my 14 year-old daughter and I'm betting she's got a bright future ahead of her.


I have long been a huge fan of this show, but today's episode had to be the best. Riley totally nailed her portrayal of Justin in a girls body, and never once broke character. Is she a professional actress? Truly fantastic job.

best episode


best episode


Best episode ever

Best episode ever


As much as I love Sydnee and Justin...more Sydnee and Rileigh please! That was adorable and fun and informative. A little pissed that my above the knee leg hair isn't going to magically fall off, but I'll deal with it. :)

Ahahahaha this rules but the

Ahahahaha this rules but the best part is Sydnee saying something like, "I'm the funny one sometimes, right? . . . . . . No."