Sawbones: Tobacco


Enough! Enough of the slandering of our nation's most beleaguered plant. Tobacco has had it too hard for too long, and Dr. Sydnee and Justin are here to set the record straight with all of the wonderful medical uses of tobacco that we've forgotten throughout history. Sure, we've forgotten them because they're made up, but should we hold that against tobacco? Of course not.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


just in time

For my for my first day as a non smoker!


An infusion is a tea/ water boiled with a herb in. Why did you say it must go in the vein? Were you thinking transfusion?

Love your show. You two are

Love your show. You two are great to listen to. I would like to ask about another cure all called tea tree oil. It seems to fix everything and yes I know that cure alls generally cure nothing. Thanks and keep up the great work Rob Hake

Episode Numbers

Shouldn't this be episode 15?

There was an extra 13 in the mp3 names...

- Sawbones13Radium.mp3
- Sawbones13BirthControl.mp3
- Sawbones12Urine.mp3
- Sawbones11BenRush.mp3