Sawbones: Vitamins


This week on Sawbones, Dr. Sydnee and Justin eat like a bajillion lemons as they explore the history of vitamins, which may just be killing you. Hooray!

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers


medical studies

Hi Sydnee!

I was wondering where I could find some of the studies that you looked at when talking about the effects of vitamins on cancer and other health problems.

sweet baby sounds

I have to say, the baby sounds in the background add a whole new level of sweetness to an awesome podcast!

Hey guys. Great show by here's some points...

Most doctors are so convinced about the North American diet providing enough nutrition that they neglect nutrition or the idea of being vitamin deficient all together. The bias of for or against vitamins work both ways and a I find that these days that doctors don't even approach the topic. There are probably numerous people that are vitamin deficient and will never be told about it by their doctor as they won't even consider it.

Another misnomer is this idea than everyone in North America is eating a proper diet. They are not unless you have taken the time to stop and examine your diet they way say a strict a vegan may have to you may not realize everything you are missing.

Gone are the days of well rounded meals at the family's dinner table and all food groups being represented in healthy proportions. I know this watching family members that poo poo balanced nutrition with what they eat everyday. They eat with so little variation in their diet that they are full of empty calories and vitamin deficient in many ways.

Yes vitamins can be a junk science but not when the food that people eat is junk too. Until doctors regularly examine the diets of patients and address them instead of just assuming all people eat well the vitamin debate will continue. Until diet and true real healthy consumption is apart of everyday family medicine and crap food is removed from the table there will always be a place and need for some vitamins.

Also there is only one vitamin and nutrient difficult to get with a strict vegan diet. B12, and even that is easy with a few sprinkles of fortified Nutritional Yeast on popcorn or a salad. Only Potato Chip Vegans or junk food vegans should have difficulty with nutrition and vitamins, but hey surprise surprise that applies to all diets not just vegan ones.