Sawbones: Zika Virus


This week on Sawbones, a new disease is taking the world by storm and Sydnee and Justin are there to explain what everyone is so freaked out about. Well, Sydnee explains. Justin freaks out.

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Listened to this through the Pocket Casts app and there was some weird glitches around the 38:45-39:35 minute marks. Not sure if it is just a weird fluke of my download of it or a problem with the recording itself.

Re: Skips

Yes it's definitely in the master file. I heard it on Overcast, so I came here to listen to the streaming link and it has the same glitches.

I think last weeks episode also had this problem (though I assumed it was my phone and didn't check the streaming version to be sure).


RE: Eradicating mosquitoes

The main vector for Zika (and Dengue & Yellow Fever), Aedes Aegypti, is an invasive species (native to Africa, hence the "aegypti" name). Therefore, eradication of this species in the Americas would only be beneficial to the ecosystem.

Bacteria which kill the larvae

There is a bacterium that can be bought from garden supply places that can be spread on grass and in ponds which kill the larvae.