The Greatest Discovery

The Greatest Discovery is a special series about Star Trek: Discovery from the hosts of’s hit Star Trek podcast The Greatest Generation. Each Tuesday after a new episode of Discovery, Adam and Ben will recap and review the first new Trek show in over a decade. Its the unofficial, irreverent and filthy aftershow Discovery didn’t know it needed.

The Greatest Discover Ep 48: Big Science Energy (S2E13)


While mid-evacuation, Michael Burnham decides to break the cardinal rule of time crystals. But when the evacuation fails, it's time to seek out the knowledge of the Short Treks. What does the future hold? Will the last beacon reveal itself? Does this new wormhole also have prophets?

It's the episode that takes a captain, but won't give you a new one!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 47: Time Cuck (S2E12)


When Pike visits a planet where time is fluid, a flashy crystal catches his eye and he must make the ultimate Starfleet business expense. But when Burnham and Spock team up on a search mission, it's time to remember old friends and meet new enemies. Will Michael Burnham connect the red dots? Has Spock let the beard go? Would you make a deal with Lisle Von Rhuman?

It's the episode that gives you more nanobots than you can shake a phaser at!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 46: Contreland (S2E11)


When an unplanned family reunion is forced upon Michael, she learns that watching home movies can be just as good. But when Ash and Georgiou's control sense begins to tingle around Leland, it's time to open up a big red hole and destroy some info. Will time win in the end? How many times has Dr. Burnham played this scene out? Do the replicators make sleeveless doctor's uniforms?

It's the episode that gives you the rock, but has you dunk it in the trashcan.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 45: Taint on Taint (S2E10)


When an unsettling secret is revealed to Burnham, she serves up some two-fisted justice. But when Michael is also found to have a link to the Red Angel, it's time to take the satellites out of the Shenzhou's backyard and re-direct them on Michael's death. Does Culber find Bob? Is the Red Angel also tethered to a shadow? What just happened?

It's the episode that deletes one memory, while altering others.

The Greatest Discover Ep 44: Star Trek Canasta


When Discovery pays a visit to Section 31, we find out there's more than 31 flavors and definitely more than 31 mines. But when Airiam tags along on an away team it's time for the space suits to really kick into gear. Will Spock and Michael come to an agreement? Have we lost Stamets' quips? Don't forget to save your memories.

It's the episode that gives you a god shot, but saves you the Rod shot!


The Greatest Discovery Ep 43: lowercase t (S2E8)


When Spock and Michael travel to Talos IV, they're met by new-age therapists who promise to heal Spock. But when things start malfunctioning on the DISCO, we're met with both relationship and personal struggles. Will Culber and Tyler become pals? Have we seen the last of the red beacons? Does the red angel keep traveling in circles?

It's the episode that gives you relief, but not before giving you grief!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 42: Scramble Spock's Egg (S2E7)


While chilling outside Kaminar the crew of the DISCO send Pike and Tyler to experience the blue wave of temporal displacement. But when Burnham visits the fam it's not long until an argument erupts, and she and Spock high-tail it out of there. Will Keanu Reeves show up next episode? Where is Culber? Are we to believe these probes?

It's the episode that tells two stories, but wants to tell a whole lot more!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 41: Pink Note (S2E6)


When the Red Angel's Red Signals take the Disco to Kaminar it's time for Burnham and post-ganglia-Saru to head to the beach and break bread with a priest. But when Saru threatens to fold the Ba'ul like laundry it's time for the crew to take a big bite of data pie. Will the Kelpians rank supreme? Is the Red Angel digitally enhanced? How sticky are the Ba'ul?
It's the episode that's Bringing It All Back Home – Again

The Greatest Discovery Ep 40: Butt-Dial Georgiou (S2E5)


When Tilly is sucked into the upside down, it's time for Burnham and the crew to take a nosedive. But when Section 31 shows up in ultra-fashionable outfits, our team must steady the ship and reexamine relationships. Will Culber grow the beard—again? Is Tilly pinky promising her way out of things? Should Ben and Adam quit the podcast and become true crime reporters?

It's the episode that leaves the pizza in the oven just a minute longer than needed.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 39: H.R. Goo-ger (S2E4)


When the Disco is stopped by a mysterious sphere, a virus attacks the ship putting the whole crew in danger—especially Saru. But the fun doesn't stop there, May also threatens the status of the the ship and more specifically Tilly. Does the crew have the courage inside to tell the orb please let it be? Can one spore change the course of history? What happens when "ball" is no longer life?

It's the episode that gets you high, while dumping all the ketchup on the fries.