The Greatest Discovery

The Greatest Discovery is a special series about Star Trek: Discovery from the hosts of’s hit Star Trek podcast The Greatest Generation. Each Tuesday after a new episode of Discovery, Adam and Ben will recap and review the first new Trek show in over a decade. Its the unofficial, irreverent and filthy aftershow Discovery didn’t know it needed.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 42: Scramble Spock's Egg (S2E7)


While chilling outside Kaminar the crew of the DISCO send Pike and Tyler to experience the blue wave of temporal displacement. But when Burnham visits the fam it's not long until an argument erupts, and she and Spock high-tail it out of there. Will Keanu Reeves show up next episode? Where is Culber? Are we to believe these probes?

It's the episode that tells two stories, but wants to tell a whole lot more!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 41: Pink Note (S2E6)


When the Red Angel's Red Signals take the Disco to Kaminar it's time for Burnham and post-ganglia-Saru to head to the beach and break bread with a priest. But when Saru threatens to fold the Ba'ul like laundry it's time for the crew to take a big bite of data pie. Will the Kelpians rank supreme? Is the Red Angel digitally enhanced? How sticky are the Ba'ul?
It's the episode that's Bringing It All Back Home – Again

The Greatest Discovery Ep 40: Butt-Dial Georgiou (S2E5)


When Tilly is sucked into the upside down, it's time for Burnham and the crew to take a nosedive. But when Section 31 shows up in ultra-fashionable outfits, our team must steady the ship and reexamine relationships. Will Culber grow the beard—again? Is Tilly pinky promising her way out of things? Should Ben and Adam quit the podcast and become true crime reporters?

It's the episode that leaves the pizza in the oven just a minute longer than needed.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 39: H.R. Goo-ger (S2E4)


When the Disco is stopped by a mysterious sphere, a virus attacks the ship putting the whole crew in danger—especially Saru. But the fun doesn't stop there, May also threatens the status of the the ship and more specifically Tilly. Does the crew have the courage inside to tell the orb please let it be? Can one spore change the course of history? What happens when "ball" is no longer life?

It's the episode that gets you high, while dumping all the ketchup on the fries.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 38: It Tastes Human


When Amanda Grayson arrives on the Disco with illegal Spock files, Captian Pike orders Burnham to break the encryption and learn about her brother's whereabouts. But when these files lead to deep family secrets, it's time for mom and daughter to have honesty-time. On Q'onoS there's a new baby, and you'll never guess who's it is! Will the red angel really be a red devil? Can Spock come home yet? Do people trust Burnham?

It's the episode that gives you split-screen without the TV lightning bolt!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 37: New Weeden (S2E2)


When old Eden becomes a bore, the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery follow a stellar signal and jump to a new planet with a radiation problem. But when humans are also found to be on new Eden, It's time for Pike, Burnham, and Owosekun to beam down and investigate. Will (s)Tilly stop the acid rain? Has Burnham learned to tell the truth? Can someone dim the lights in this church?

It's the episode that let's you jump, but only if the authorities give you the ok.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 36: The Tight Stuff (S2E1)


When Captain Pike boards the U.S.S. Discovery he promptly begins to rally his team around some red flags. But when the away team finds an old federation ship it's time to grab some samples and save some lives. Why didn't Spock need his bells? Is there still a green dot on Tilly's shoulder? Is Airiam, Airiam?

It's the episode that gives you a new boss, who's too concerned with being your buddy.

The Greatest Discovery Ep 35: Repping Breen


When Harcourt Fenton Mudd is sold to Wilbur the bounty hunter it seems as if Harry's time were up. But when we're shown multiple Mudd captures we're led to believe that Mr. Mudd can escape anything. Does Harcourt have an ace up his sleeve? Will there be more disco music in Disco? Was there a Pulp Fiction character in this Short Trek?

It's the episode that slings a lot of Mudd, but promises to clean up the bots!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 34: Leaned Into the Scruff


When Christmas 2018 falls on the same day The Greatest Discovery releases a new episode, it's time to tear open gifts and use your new headphones to listen to Adam & Ben. But when it's revealed that this ep is Season 2 trailer-talk, and the second-half review of the Star Trek Discovery Annual comic book—it's time to gather your friends and family and share the pod around the fireplace. Will Spock's smile stay? Is Stamets jawline still defined? Where are the black toothbrushes?

It's the episode you open in front of your family and have to explain to your grandparents!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 33: We're Lucky to Have Him


When a young Saru is jonesin' for outer space, his father quickly gives him a stern talking-to. But when a piece of a ship comes into Saru's possession, it's time to buckle-down and write some strongly worded emails. Will Saru get the answer's he's looking for? Will the balance be upset? Does anyone really know what happens when the monolith absorbs you?

It's the episode that takes you from a sandy beach and into the brightest of skies!