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Kasper Hauser are one of the most acclaimed sketch comedy groups in the nation. They've won the prestigious Herald Angel at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, appeared on Comedy Central and This American Life, and are the authors of three books. Their podcast features audio, video, and visual comedy.

The Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast Episode 20: Holmes and Watson in The Trial

Kasper Hauser

Dr. John Watson is on trial for bank robbing, and Sherlock Holmes must help save him from the gallows.

Kasper Hauser's Rob Badedeker on CNN


Rob Baedeker of Kasper Hauser spent two weeks renting out all of his possessions - includin his daughter's bike and his dog. The result was this great Newsweek article, which you should read right now. CNN had him on today to chat about it, and you can watch the segment above.

Yeah, that's right. John from Kasper Hauser got attacked by a seal.


But who's alive to tell the story to ABC7 news?

Not the seal, that's for sure. HE GOT PUNCHED.

Your News Update for August 2011 from Kasper Hauser

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Thoughtful, reflective, occasionally light-hearted. Your news, provided to you by your faithful Kasper Hauser news anchors.

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Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast Ep. 18: News Update


Your news, in brief, from the Kasper Hauser anchors.

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Kasper Hauser's "Pillow Talk"


MaxFun Superstars Kasper Hauser have a new comedy pilot on MSN's "The Bubble" called Pillow Talk. It's a look at the bedtime conversations between three couples who share a multi-unit building. Since this is 1998, MSN doesn't allow embeds, but you can watch the video here.

Kasper Hauser and Mike Birbiglia in San Francisco


Our pals in The Kasper Hauser Comedy Group are teaming up with our pal Mike Birbiglia for a veritable Laugh-a-Palooza in San Francisco on October 19th. KH will be doing sketches, Birbigs will be sharing funny stories and everyone will be LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF.

Tickets for the show, which is at the Palace of Fine Arts, are on sale now.

If you're not in the Bay Area, you can check out Mike's full schedule here. The tour also features dates with other great pals of ours like Jen Kirkman and Nick Kroll.

Podcast: Kasper Hauser Comedy Podcast Ep. 17: News Update


Your news in brief, with the Kasper Hauser news anchors.

A Match Made In Heaven


The other day, Mike Birbiglia called me. It's always a pleasure to hear from Mike, who's just as nice a guy in real life as he seems on stage, but in this case, he had a specific issue that needed addressing.

He'd just heard Kasper Hauser's This American Life parodies. His question was simple: "Are they as funny in real life as they are on these audio bits?"

Yes. They are.

"So, do you think they might want to open for me in San Francisco?"

Yes, I'm sure they would.

"Do you have their number?"

Yes, I do.

And it was settled.

Kasper Hauser are opening for Mike at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on October 19th.

Be there, or be square.

Kasper Hauser + = POWERTEAM


Kasper Hauser Adult Swim ad from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

How great is Kasper Hauser's promo for If that isn't a match made in heaven, I don't know what is.