Trends Like These

Trends Like These is a weekly round-up of what's trending on social media and all over the internet. We'll prepare you to chat around the water cooler about celeb Twitter beefs, mysteriously colored dresses, flat Earth, Starbucks cups and so much more! We'll dig past the clickbait headlines to try to get to the real story! Brought to you every Friday by Travis McElroy, Brent Black and Courtney Enlow. We're real life friends talking 'bout internet trends!

Budweiser/America, Emma Thompson, Apple Music, Mathematician Terrorist, Phil Robertson, DOJ vs. NC, Fort McMurray


Hey Cool Kid! We've got a super jam packed episode for you! Budweiser has announced a patriotic re-branding! Emma Thompson made a few statements about young actors from social media. Apple Music has come under fire from a blogger and may or may not have some huge faults. An Ivy league professor was escorted off a plane after a woman feared he was a terrorist. Phil Robertson, that guy from Duck Dynasty, made some really stupid statements about the NC Bathroom bill. Also, the Department of Justice and the NC government are at serious odds! In Fort McMurray there is a terrifying wildfire going on and you can help! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!If you would like to donate to support the town of Fort McMurray, you can go to or text FIRES to 45678. If you would like to help support the brave folks who fight this kind of devastation, head to

Bathroom Bill Update, Old Navy Ad, Politics Round Up, GLAAD/Star Wars


Hey there Cool Kid! Welcome to the Cool Kid Club! This week, the CKC is discussing a lot of stuff and we get REAL feisty! First, since the passing of the NC Bathroom Bill, there's been a whole lot of craziness! Old Navy posted a seemingly innocuous ad that was met with massive amounts of racism! The Indiana primary had a big effect on the political landscape, hear all about it in Politics Roundup! GLAAD released its Studio Responsibility Index and most outlets boiled it down to "Need More Gay Characters in Star Wars". All that, plus the Wi-Five of the week! Enjoy and be sure to tell a friend!

Lemonade, Anti Military Girl, Politics Round Up, Justin Trudeau


Hello there Cool Kid and welcome to our brand new bacon podcast! Might we interest you in Lemonade? No, not the drink! We're talking about Beyonce's new enigmatic album/short film! A young woman's anti-military rant went viral this week and we have some thoughts. In this week's Politics Round Up: primary results, Cruz and Kasich team up, Cruz announces a running mate, and Trump makes a bold claim about Clinton. Speaking of politics, let's have an in-depth discussion about Justin Trudeau, Canada's new and trend-worthy Prime Minister! All that, plus a Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

420, Harriet Tubman Bill, Depp/Heard Video, Political Round Up, Billy Corgan, Hollywood Whitewashing (with guest Freddie Wong)

Freddie Wong

Hello Cool Kids and welcome! In this week's intro, it's 420 and we're not sure that that matters... also, Harriet Tubman is going to be on the $20 and that DEFINITELY matters! Amber Heard and Johnny Depp issued an apology video to Australia and it was WEIRD. We've got a political round up with primary results, Trumps 7/11 faux pas, Hillary's hot sauce and NY voter issues! Billy Corgan went on Alex Jones' show and set some controversial stuff! We are so excited to be joined by our first ever guest this week, film maker and Youtube pioneer Freddie Wong! Freddie joins us to discuss the racial Whitewashing Hollywood has done recently (and a super long time before that!) All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Orange Street News, North Carolina Boycott, HuffPo Hustle, Zika Virus


Welcome once more Cool Kids! A quick update on the Primaries and it's on with the episode! Learn about an intrepid reporter who covered a murder and was met with backlash! Mostly because she's 9. Artists and business have been stepping up to boycott North Carolina ever since HB2! Travis found three fun stories on Huffington Post and we're doing all 3! An empowering Muppet, a poor choice of words and Satanic Masturbation, what fun! Brent provides a little perspective on the Zika Virus panic. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!

Panama Papers, April Fools, Primary Update, The Party Party, Marijuana


Welcome to another good one, Cool Kid! Do you all understand this whole Miitomo thing? No? It's ok, neither does Travis! We also touch briefly on the Panama Papers with way more to come when we have all the info! Hear a round up of some of the 2016 April Fools jokes and hoaxes. We talk about the Primaries as well as debunk a rumor or two! Rocker and positive force Andrew W.K. has started his own political party. Thanks to a recently high profile protest, we talk a lot about weed and it's current Schedule status! All that plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Cellphone Gun, Tay(bot), Siberian Unicorn, Political Round Up, North Carolina HB2


Have we got a show for you, Cool Kid! First, in the intro, let's talk about a gun that looks like a phone! Learn about the birth and corruption of a Twitter bot named Tay. Hear some revelations about UNICORNS! A lot to cover in the Political Round UP! Birdie Sanders, Trump vs. Anderson Cooper, and MORE! Last week, a VERY controversial bill was passed in North Carolina. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy!

Madonna, Arkansas City Councilor, Fast Facts, Boaty McBoatface, Robots


Hey there Cool Kids! It's week 2 of the MaxFunDrive and we are bringing the HEAT for this episode! Pulling out all the stops! Let's start with a brand new, exclusive Brentalfloss song all about Trends Like These! Then, hear about the wacky goings-on from Madonna's Australian tour! A city councilor in Arkansas made quite a scene in a restaurant and then did a poor job explaining himself! We've got a bunch of quick fire stories for you in our Fast Facts segment! A poll was held for naming a research vessel and the officials aren't crazy about the result. There have been a lot of advancement in AI lately and we've got a whole lot to tell you! All that plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Enjoy, and don't forget to support TLT in the MaxFunDrive!

Instagram, Furries, Politics Round Up, Neil deGrasse Tyson


Hey there Cool Kid! Welcome to our first MaxFunDrive episode! We are so excited and we hope you are too! We have a lot to cover on this episode, so buckle up! First, Instagram is planning a new way to display their timeline. Some Syrian refugees ended up mingling with a Furry Convention! Also, let's learn a little about Furries! We've got a bunch of stories in Politics Round Up! Weird KKK endorsements, weird Ben Carson endorsements, weird Boehner endorsements and so much MORE! Neil deGrasse Tyson is a very popular smart guy, but he really put his foot in his mouth! You know, what he said really reminds us of a song... All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! Don't forget to go to and support Trends Like These!

Kim Kardashian, Freddy Mercury Biopic, Caitlyn Jenner, Political Update, Trump Song


Hey there Cool Kid! Why don't you come in an sit a spell? We have lots of great stories for you this week! First, a quick update on the Kesha case. Kim Kardashian made news with a controversial nude pic. Sacha Baron Cohen revealed why he walked from a Freddie Mercury biopic. Caitlyn Jenner expressed her political views on the season premiere of her show. We've got a political up date including a very special surprise! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!