Song Exploder № 14: Open Mike Eagle

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Song Exploder
Open Mike Eagle
Walker Ashby

In this episode, rapper Open Mike Eagle talks about making the song Dark Comedy Morning Show, along with the track's producer, Walker Ashby, aka Toy Light. Mike breaks down how Toy Light's original instrumental version of this song inspired him, and how his view of his own vocals on the track has changed since recording them.

Buy the song "Dark Comedy Morning Show (feat. Toy Light)" on bandcamp.

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This show is wonderful!

I listen to this show on my walk to work when it's released and makes for a wonderfuly way to start the day! I especially enjoy the diversity of sound that you bring to your listeners. Furthermore I would like to make a request. Could you do a piece with a bluegrass artist? I think the genre lends to a more delicate emotional nature than most others and would make a great addition to the library you are developing here! Thanks for all you do!