Song Exploder № 7: Jeff Beal

Song Exploder
Jeff Beal

In this episode, composer Jeff Beal deconstructs the main title theme music to the Netflix original series House of Cards. The show has been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Original Main Title Theme and Outstanding Music Composition. The show was adapted from a British series of the same name by writer Beau Willimon, and director and executive producer David Fincher. Jeff talks about his collaborative process with Fincher, and how they found the mood and musical palette for the show and its theme, and how it changed from season one to season two. A brief word of warning, if you haven't watched the first season, there are spoilers about how that season ends.

You can buy the House of Cards score by Jeff Beal on iTunes here.

Supertramp - Crime of the Century
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I have to say, I don't watch

I have to say, I don't watch House of Cards and have no interest in it. However, I'm a big fan of Jeff Beal's work.

HBO's Carnivale and Rome are two of my favorite shows, and Jeff Beal's scoring for them was wonderful. His work on Carnivale, specifically, was nothing short of amazing.


i came here specifically to mention the Carnivale theme and someone beat me to it. I still get chills when i hear it sometimes. It really did signal an exit to our normal world and an entrance to a realm of myth. Man, i miss that show.

I want to hear an exploder on that one.

I have never watched House of Cards but the theme song is compelling.