Legendary Cartoonist Gahan Wilson: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Gahan Wilson

Gahan Wilson is perhaps America's most legendary cartoonist. For more than 50 years, his distinctively twisted single-panel cartoons have appeared in magazines like Playboy and The New Yorker. His work often follows in the footsteps of his mentor Charles Addams, but in contrast to Addams' Victorian sensibility, Wilson's take on the macabre is loopy and anarchistic. Fantagraphics Books has just released an anthology of Wilson's 50 years of Playboy cartoons.


the mp3 of this episode is corrupt...

I'm a huge fan of Gahan Wilson, and this is actually the first episode of TSOYA I've ever tried to listen to... Downloaded it to my iPhone and got in the car to listen... but the file is corrupt. It jumps all over the place and then just sort of gives up and skips to the end after about two minutes of trying. Just tried listening through the embedded player on the site, and I'm having the same issue... Any chance you could re-upload the episode? Thanks!

Great interview! Do you have

Great interview! Do you have a link to that 1970 interview? It sounds interesting.

Thank You!

I enjoy so many episodes of TSOYA but I really enjoyed hearing this since Gaham Wilson is a huge influence on my art (I'm a character designer on spongebob and many of gross drawings draw inspiration from his playboy work and his book "America"). I know that interviews with artist probably don't work as well as a musician or comedian but I hope you'll pursue more artist like him and Charles Burns....I also hope your interview with Chris Morris gets to happen since he is one of the more important writers of our time.