Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh of "Players": Interview on The Sound of Young America

Matt Walsh
Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh are two of the founding members of the legendary comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade. They've both had stints on Reno 911! and Arrested Development, as well as roles in a slew of films, from The Hangover to Bring It On.

They're pairing up once again to use their comic chemistry in a new sitcom on Spike TV called Players, in which they star as brothers who attempt to live the dream of co-owning a sports bar.


matt walsh and Ian Roberts

Was listening to the show today. At one point heard one of the guys talking about how he got a dog to get into his character who had to continually step in dog poop. After he was finished with the role, he took the dog to the shelter where it was euthanized.

Anyone have any suggestions about where to report this?


I think your mom needs to know about this.

Possibly to the joke police?

Possibly to the joke police? They enforce laws that are broken in fictional constructs, including but not limited to jokes.