It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Rob McElhenney
Glenn Howerton

Rob McElhenney had a short film idea. He roped his friends into helping him film it, and soon it was a sitcom pilot. They took that pilot to FX, and the result was It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. McElhenney, who stars on the show as Mac, is our guest on The Sound, along with one of the buddies he roped into the whole affair, Glenn Howerton. Howerton plays Dennis, and along with their third co-conspirator, Charlie Day, helps write and produce the show.

McElhennye and Howerton talked to us about creating the show without a budget - only a few cameras and some digital video tape. They also explain why people love a set of characters who consistently behave like rude, cruel children. Also: Danny DeVito Limoncello is discussed.

The show returns for FX for its sixth season on September 16th.