Jonathan Coulton, Singer-Songwriter, on The Sound of Young America

Jonathan Coulton
Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton stops by MaxFun World HQ to talk about (and play) his charming, heartfelt and hilarious songs. Coulton recently released a live CD/DVD set, called "Best. Concert. Ever."


Thanks Jessie

Since listening to Jonathan Coulton on The Sound of Young America last weekend on VPR I have turned my kids onto the song Skullcrusher Mountain and we have all lived with it playing over and over in our heads.
I am listening to the archived interviews and music from Jonathan from previous programs and I am joyfully discovering little treasures I had missed.
It's good to share things with my kids and not be subject to the "you're so lame" look.
Oh yeah...I've got it goin' on.

Can I have an apple


Thansk for that Jesse