Marc Maron Interview: The Sound of Young America

Marc Maron

Marc Maron is a veteran standup comic whose new CD is entitled Final Engagement. He hosts the Air America web show Break Room Live.


Marc Maron

I have been following Marc since the Morning Sedition Days and since then have been hooked on his brand of humour - yes I am Canadian. I was sad to hear on the Break Room Live Show today that it was cancelled. Like most of his fans I will be looking forward to his next endeavour - and for all of us, the sooner the better.

Break Room Live

I clicked on your link to Marc Maron's show Break Room Live which I have never seen and...It was their last show! They've been canceled. I haven't heard your interview with him yet but do look forward to it. Also plan to follow him and see what comes up next for him.



Break Room Live was canceled today.
As someone who's been following Marc's shows for years, I cannot say I am surprised, and Marc is probably used to it by now himself. It's never due to lack of quality of the show, but there's always someone with decision making powers that just doesn't "get it". I've learned to accept that now and make sure to be subscribed to his mailing list to know where he'll be next.
I've been listening to Marc Maron since his morning radio show (which was canceled years ago), and I can honestly say, there has never been a better morning radio show ever produced. This was THE answer to the annoying "morning zoo" style radio that still plagues the radio. Marc's adaptation to radio and web has been phenomenal. As he says in this interview, we came to know him on a personal level from tuning in every morning.
His humor is intelligent, sharp, and usually very deep. Hope to see/hear more of Marc very soon.