MaxFunCon: Merlin Mann on Doing Creative Work; The Sound of Young America

Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann talks about the process of doing creative work, and particularly how to abandon the quest for perfection, get off your butt and get started.


Pretty much right on

I am familiar with the "seduction community" and it's pretty much as he says so succinctly = tricking women into sex. Not actually using your personality and honesty (because typically, you're either shy or have little confidence that you have anything positive to offer) but using predictable mind tricks to get what you want, and discounting what others may actually want. This is a classic marketing scheme, too, and is interesting to study as such.

He sounds like people FROM the community

Merlin, we love you, but you don't know what you're talking about when talking about the seduction community. All you preach in this speech could be rephrased as one of the typical topics of the community ("You HAVE TO go out and practice this stuff, not talk about it").

Good speech!

wrong video
This one: Look at the first 1:20 and tell me this isn't basically the same concept :)

Well, he has SOME idea,

Well, he has SOME idea, because let's face it, most guys in "the community" are pretty lame, being fixated on process above action. And any process that doesn't directly focus on improving oneself can be reliably faulted for being at least an in-part time-waster. For example, running patterns and whatnot (there are better ways to get there and anyway, the ends don't justify being retarded).

Sure, the keyboard jockeys.

Sure, the keyboard jockeys. But in the end, it's about developing your own strong identity to become whom you want to be (inner game), and knowing how to convey your personality to other people (outer game). Merlin, you can make fun of concepts you read about in Wikipedia (really?).

The game is about giving VALUE.
Real, legitimate, positive value.
Thus, as I see it, Merlin is - in a way - one of us, because that's exactly what he is about (and why I respect him as much).

Interesting, this guy skewers

Interesting, this guy skewers the Social Dynamics community then proceeds to give a motivational talk chock full of concepts and principles in common with the SD community. If people need a avatar more reflective of themselves to take on the learning so be it a little gross to me he had to tear down others to build "social proof" and gain "rapport".


Repurposed Arrested Development Quote Follows

The fact that you call it "Social Dynamics" tells me you're not ready.

He doesn't fully grasp what

He doesn't fully grasp what the seduction community is about, but there is truth in what he says.

For example, the Mystery Method fully deserves to be crapped upon and one can empathize with Merlin even if one doesn't agree with him wholesale. He's an insightful guy, if you cut him some slack on this topic. The "community" can handle it, really. And let's be honest: most guys in the "community" are bumbling fools who don't understand the first thing about real self-improvement--even if there are exceptions.

Anyway, Merlin's thesis remains valid. It doesn't require tearing down others; he just chose to dismantle his own (somewhat true) concept of the "community" to illustrate what to do better. That's what we should all be focusing on anyway: how can I do better? How can you?

"Seduction community"

Every time someone uses the phrase "seduction community," I start cracking up in my chair. You goofy nerds.


It's my first time hearing the term and I think it's funny...

as long as my wife doesn't come by and see it on my screen...

Good concepts, but my

Good concepts, but my favorite part has to be the end, where the host says, "Merlin took questions, but you weren't there, so...sorry.

"Ha ha, just kidding! No, seriously, goodbye. You should have showed up."

I would have loved to include

I would have loved to include them, but we didn't have a house mic, so the questions weren't on tape.

Also: you should have gone ;).


Simple. True. Thanks.

Changed me.

I've heard Merlin talk about creativity and been a reader of 43 Folders for awhile, but this talk resonated with me in a way that made my ears perk up, made me sit in my chair straight, and feel like I was listening to something important.

It's a simple truth Merlin preaches - just sit down and do something, and really do it. And do it without paying attention to that gnawing fear of failure. But the lesson hit me in a way it really hasn't before. I sort of feel like a changed person afterward. Or at least that I'll be approaching my creative work with an entirely new lens.

Awesome, Merlin. Awesome.

Terrific talk.

Engaging, truthful -- thanks for sharing it!