Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman is the creator of the street fashion photography blog The Sartorialist. His new book collects some of his favorite photos from the blog. His subjects range from Hasidim on the streets of New York to garment industry insiders in Milan.



okay i kid. i like the sartorialist.. his stuff is the shizz and a must visit for me along with jak and jill etc etc. however, this one post he did this past summer made me want to scratch the fuckers eyes out.

after taking this pic. the best he could do is babble about how he didn't like to think about or photograph "the poors" but moreover he appreciated this homeless man's sense of color.

seriously. fuck off sartorialist

Only well to do people go

Only well to do people go about thinking there's something dignified or honorable about having a hard life. Look at the amount of homeless people that have substance abuse issues or mental disorders and you'll see there's nothing romantic about it. Scott Schuman to me was being way more honest by saying that, than trying to pretty up the tough lives of homeless people like so many photographers try to do.


I read that post. I didn't find it offensive. It's even titled, "Not Giving Up." Some street photographers photograph homeless people all the time, all he's saying is that isn't his usual muse, but he found this person compelling in some way.