How to Valentine

Still Buffering

Rileigh and Sydnee find common ground on this week's episode as they reminisce about the days when everybody had to give you a Valentine and debate the best candy. They even share a more serious sister-to-sister conversation about how far teens have come in accepting one another. Then Rileigh has to go and make fun of Sydnee's sweaters again.

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Music: "Baby You Change Your Mind" by Nouvellas


I love conversation hearts!

I have no idea why those whimsical, chalky, artificially flavored little candies have any appeal, but I totally will eat them. I imagine neither of you like Necco wafers either. I can eat a roll of those more quickly than I would like to admit! lol! Thanks for making this fun podcast! Keep up the good work!

Sweetheart pals!

Yes, they are awesome and I can eat them until I'm sick.

YAY for sweetheart conversation candies.

(and Necco - YES!)

They were called "sock hops"

They were called "sock hops" because they were held in the gym and you couldn't have dress shoes (which is what everyone wore to dances in the 50s) on the gym floor.

Candy Hearts!

I LOVE Candy Hearts (sweethearts). I am an addict.

And Rileigh needs to try dark chocolate.