Stop Podcasting Yourself 123 - Brad MacNeil

Brad MacNeil

Brad MacNeil returns for a super summery episode, complete with skinny dipping, summer TV, and the rules of Jinx.

Download episode 123 here. (right-click)

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Quizno's Pizza


Evangeline Lilly

Wilbur the Pig

Baseball Furies


Part of Your World


Timon and Pumba

Nat Bailey

Orange for the future

The Chicken Lady

He's got Corey Feldman eyes

The sleepytime bear

The Girlfriend Experience

Major League

Six Flags

Uncle Junior

Terry Milewski


Cleveland owner

Great show, guys; just wanted to chime in on the confusion as to how the Cleveland Indians managed to get a cardboard cutout of their owner... recall that she is an ex-showgirl, so it's likely that the team found a poster to enlarge.
Keep up the good work!

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What a fabulous show!

I was browsing through the iTunes podcast offerings and came across "Stop Podcasting Yourself". I downloaded episode 123 and then forgot about it...until yesterday. WHAT A GREAT SHOW ! ! ! I can't wait to download more episodes and hear more. Nice job

Recommended podcasts list

Can you post the list of podcasts you guys recommended? I want to add a few to my subscriptions.

Rock'n'Roll High School Forever

The theme to Rock'n'Roll High School by The Pursuit of Happiness. I found this while doing a site for them and it still makes me cringe. Only posting this because Dave creeped me out remembering "forever and ever..."


Whole Foods

"Unease for the future" -- that's my vote.


That's the word from the note! That's all!