Stop Podcasting Yourself 128 - Kaitlin Fontana

Kaitlin Fontana

Kaitlin Fontana returns to talk conventions, Playboy, and quitting stories.

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Frank Fontana


"Robble, robble."

Om nom nom

Them Vegas cups

Predator lasers

Lord Daniel of Trejo


Paul Reubens


Rob Schneider

"Set to drain..."

Get Low

That knife game from Goodfellas or Aliens

Anything Goes

Okay, not pudgy. Pasty.

Them pigs from The Raccoons


VAG french artists

Hey guys, great show. I was at the VAG show that Dave mentioned; my favourite part was a short film called "The end of the day" or something like that, where it just showed 90 seconds of people leaving a factory in Paris a hundred years ago. The best part was when some dog ran out of the factory, and complete pandemonium ensued. It was kinda comforting to see that dogs 100 years ago were hilarious, too!

The TARDIS is a Police Box

It's kind of like a phone booth.

Insane clown posse

Their fans are known as Juggalos.

A gathering of Juaggalos recently assaulted Tila Tequila when she opened for ICP. Why she was there in the first place is anyone's guess.