Stop Podcasting Yourself 134 - LIVE with Eddie Pepitone

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Eddie Pepitone

Comedian Eddie Pepitone joins us live from the Vancouver Comedy Festival to talk Tony Danza, CSI, and Smurf movies.

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Lightning Crashes

What Would You Do?


Horatio Caine

Dubby Indemz

Shutter Island

Quiz Show

Katy or Zooey


We done it!


Eddie Pepitone show.

So funny.

I am happy to report that I was laughing so much at work today, that people started gather around to see what was so funny. I fix small dents in cars, so there is not a lot of funny, for the most part. Especially to the General Manager of the Porsche Dealer who is paying me... Needless to say, after explaining that I was listening to "Stop Podcasting Yourself" (And what a podcast was) he went right to his desk to check it out. So you might have another fan.

You should do live shows across the country. Those MaxFun pockets are deep, right?

Love the show. keep it up.