Stop Podcasting Yourself 137 - Moshe Kasher

Moshe Kasher

Comedian Moshe Kasher joins us to say the most swears ever and talk about Australia. Meanwhile, Dave got engaged.

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...just to make it today


Morton's Salt


Mort Sahl and Dick Gregory... and Dana Carvey or something

Dick Cheney


Yahoo Serious

A Cry in the Dark!

Richard Karn

Santino (I know I called them Santiago)


Catfish 2


Sweet Home 'bama


Wavin' Flag

Isaac Hayes

Leather pantsin'


The Painted Ladies




Holy moses, moshe

Greatest outside of pf tompkins. Hilarious. Took dave and graham outside of comfort zone, and they held up next to a true comedian of a guest. Yes! Shitpussy

Have him back!

Loved this episode! Absolutely hilarious!

Loved it too

I loved this episode, mostly because Dave and Graham were getting so uncomfortable and dude was just riffin' on that the whole time. Personally, i wouldn't have made it through the show either, had I been in the studio as well, so "Celebrity Crush Hat"s off to D&G (isn't that a brand) for making it through and making it cryin' funny!

Moshe? Meh....not so much.....

Congrats Dave and Abbey! Graham, fine job as always. You two are a class act.

If you have a list of guests to invite back for another podcast.....maybe leave Moshe off that list.....


This was dirty. It was pretty great though. That picture of Isaac Hayes gives me the willies.

Also, Heather Pop 'n Locklear? From Community?


Please never let Kasher on again. What a train wreck.

PS: Good job trying to keep the show bearable with Kasher screaming "PUSSYSHIT HOHOHOHOHO" every thirty seconds. Love you guys <3


An inspiring photo for Graham's beard painting project:

i loved the swearing

Couldn't disagree more with the other commenters. I LOVED this episode, Moshe was hilarious and all the swearing plus the guys' discomfort with it was great. Perhaps my tastes skew juvenile, but I thought this ep was goofy and playful and awesome!

My ears!

SOOO MUCH SWEARING. Can the next one be about Graham and Dave being extremely polite to one another? Maybe you could have a grandma as a guest? And a tea party?

Also, congrats Dave!!!

xo Didi

Someone needs to tell that

Someone needs to tell that guy that 'pussy shit' loses it's impact/funniness after about the third or fourth time.

Congratulations, Dave and Abby! You guys should have Abby on the show again to celebrate, also because she's always a fun guest. My question is, after the wedding, will she still be her own person? Or will she be absorbed into Dave?

Someone needs to tell that

Someone needs to tell this guy that no it doesn't.

Not if you're 5 years old and

Not if you're 5 years old and you like to hear the exact same joke 8 times an hour, no.

no sir

a real max funster will never get tired of " why dont you hump your dick pussy/" or "pussy shit"

Oh, shush.

Oh, shush.


I thought Moshe's episode was outstanding! I haven't listened to one over and over like this since Jon Dore.

It's not the profanity, it's

It's not the profanity, it's the delivery, and this guy's not funny.