Stop Podcasting Yourself 145 - Abby Campbell

Abby Campbell

The wonderful Abby Campbell returns for our Christmas episode to talk getting engaged, Dave's dreams, and Swiss cheese dishes. Then Emmett Hall and Chris Gauthier stop by to perform a Christmas pageant.

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Ho!Ho!Ho! Canada Deux

Independent Women

Tim Gunn

Improv Everywhere

Gene Shalit

Onionfest 2010

Hickory Dock

Jazzy scooter

Wim Wenders

That dumb song from that dumb movie

The German Christmas Market

White Christmas

Birth of a Nation

Every kiss begins with Kay

Danny Kaye

Jimmy Wales


Sharon, Lois, and Bram


Tempest Bledsoe

Money For Nothing (I think this version is free of gay slurs)



Take me to the river...

More Graham Clark beard paintings



Dude,you are such a great soul with all your contribting. I just wanted to tell you so.

Onionfest 2010

Onionfest 2010 is pretty adorable.

For Abby, a song from the 60s about onions

The moral of this video is that you can write a song about any damn thing:

Although for me the high point is the harmonica solo.