Stop Podcasting Yourself 147 - Phil Hanley

Phil Hanley

Comedian Phil Hanley drops by to talk breakups, chocolate, and Man Vs. Food. Then we stuntcast Police Academy.

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Phil Hanley on New Year's Eve

Angus Young snarl

KFC coleslaw

Reggae Christmas (click to watch)

Reese's Treeses

Barry Pepper

Extraordinary Measures

Barf vs. Barf

Guy Fieri's flip flops

Davy Jones

Danny Tanner


Spokey Dokes


He Ain't Heavy

RC Cola

TJ Hooker

Stuntcasting Police Academy


I *think* you guys have a

I *think* you guys have a hate on for Danny McBride, but he'd be a perfect Tackleberry.

hey awesome video of Hanley on stage

I usually google your guests cause I wanna put a face to the voice. Just wanted to say thanks dave for putting up a video of the actual phil hanley skit you guys were talking about. oh and thanks a million for making your podcasts I actually look forward to tuesdays because of two canadians (and possible guest). keep em comin please!

Why cannot I NOT download

Why cannot I NOT download this episode! YOU HATE ME!!

I don't

not hate to dislike hating you.



Hey Dave and Graham and probable guest Phil Hanley (aka Donkey Hammer),

We enjoyed the New's Year Eve show, especially the part where Graham took on the annoying heckling girls at the table in front of us. "Uuuunnnsuccessful!" The show was hilarious, congrats to all the people involved. It was a little weird how Soundman Dave tried to sabotage the other performers by cutting out the mike during their punchlines...but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? Umm, so yeah, nice job...or rather, top drawer!

A. Phan

(P.S. Phil, your bit was one of the most memorable of the night but I left craving ice cream)


When I was in grad school, there was an on-again-off-again challenge (brought on by my own unsubstantiated claim) that I could eat 5 grocery store rotisserie chickens, provided I was standing at the time and had chalet sauce to help the white meat go down. Rather than ruin the myth, I never actually tried this...