Stop Podcasting Yourself 161 - Josh Stubbs

Josh Stubbs

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Josh Stubbs returns to talk about field trips, how we'd do in prison, dorm room posters, and we get an AMAZING a capella phone call.

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Spanish shingles

The Red Bull Flugtag

No LG on D Tarz No Surprises

Andrew W.K. Trooper
Sir Charles Tupper Spinnaker Colby from Survivor Boulevard of Broke-Ass Dreams Crimimal My Blue Heaven That game with the felt and the triangles Dinasour Eggs Espadrille Ye Olde Britishe Prisonne Uniformes Steve-O rapping (Steve O'Rapping)
Monsieur Mangetout Anne Geddes (not pictured) Swiss Chalet This Hannibal Buress Show


artful swearing

Two comments on swearing. I tend to swear when I hurt myself (stub my toe, etc), and in this case, my swearing is a stream of short, staccato burst of one syllable curses. Very effective! Second, when swearing at/about someone, I find that it is way more effective (especially if you are trying to get the people around you on your side) to add random military ranks in front of the curse/name, or Spanish adjectives for large/big. For example, Graham might call someone a f$*kwad, but it's WAY more hilarious to call them "captain f$*kwad", or "el f$*kwad grande". Personally I find the ranks work in more situations ;)

seppuku averted.

Thank you so much for providing that information concerning the iTunes issue. I couldn't get my fix of SPY on iTunes, and I was just about to commit seppuku, but figured it wouldn't hurt to visit the site first. Whew, glad I did!

-Rick from NY