Stop Podcasting Yourself 173 - Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly of This Is That returns to talk McRibs, cigars, and riots.

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Good news!

Brandi Chastain

Sheryl Swoopes

Stubby Clapp

Pipe cleaners

The Pursuit of Happiness

That Bill Hicks documentary

The Talk

Riot maker outers

I Predict a Riot

That one dude

A scene out of an Asterix comic

Where's Waldo?

Mayor McHandsome


Tear gas in the nuts

Spartan racin'

The Edge

Rick Astley

Beard Papas

Chet (not Colin) Hanks

Vulgar bike seats

Hard Knock Life from an Annie remake that already happened (but Willow Smith is going to be in another one)


Graham painting on the news


Episode 159 - Ice cream configurations

Dave! I was listening to 159 tonight (way behind on my podcasting) and was gratified to discover that your ice crust ice cream is somewhat like my favourite before bed ice cream treat. You were mocked by Graham and guest Nicole but ice crust ice cream is delicious. It's all about texture. My recipe: Large vat of vanilla ice cream hard frozen, water over the top to form the crust, mash up with a potatoe masher, add Nestle's Quik and walnuts, devour with delight! Alas, I rarely indulge these days but it's still the best.

Love you guys!



Dave, the most horrifying part of your cigar story is that you went tosee Jay Leno!