Stop Podcasting Yourself 181 - Cam MacLeod

Cam MacLeod

Cam MacLeod returns to talk about all we can eat, blog spam, and avoiding Craigslist murder.

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Mujibur and Sirajul

Luis Guzman

No. 5 Orange


Lion King sex cloud

"Honesty" by Corey Feldman


Hard Target

Inky Pop

Clint Howard


Goonies Got What It Takes


Goggles with holograms

Nightmare on My Street

Ready For Freddy



Wacky Packages

Pabst longboard

Vodka in a coat


Ghostride The Whip



Holy shit you guys reading those spam-comments is high-larious!

BTW, these ppl chiming in to insist they were all generated automatically by some's not necessarily the case. I had a job for a few months where I was paid to make exactly these sort of comments; they give you quotas to fill, etc. :-]

chat bots

someone is right

If you want to know more check the link.

point of information

Sorry to ruin ur fantasy, dudes, but for someone who knows a bit about chat bots etc, all those viagra comments are clearly spam generated by an algorithm, not by a super-unlikely weird-spelling hot chick fanatic... :( :)

God speed

The Grimace

Viagra 4 you,

Grimace is most excellent providing the joy of times. Dave eats it. ;)Ha Ha I love it. The best podcast ever. Thanks again!

Luis Guzman was in a period

Luis Guzman was in a period piece: The Count of Monte Cristo. BOOM